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The Heart of  The Creator Is His Creation

Once you walk through the doors of Noah’s Art Studios, we invite you into the world of art, and a place to call home as you explore the depths of your creative ability. No matter your age there is always a masterpiece just waiting to be created by you, and we believe here at Noah’s Art Studios we can assist in cultivating your art interest. So, take some time, and look around, find today what creativity can become.


About the Owner

As the owner of Noah's Art Studios, Noah brings a vibrant energy to his art classes. Currently, he is an animation student at Regent University. Noah has led paint events, art presentations, and given live demonstrations since 2020. Noah strives to inspire all ages to create meaningful artworks and to tell stories that change the world. Noah has always loved to create, but he wasn't aware of his talent until he was mentored by Mrs. Walker his art teacher. As a lover of all things art, Noah is skilled in many artistic mediums and techniques. His understanding and encouraging nature allowed him to teach individuals at all levels. As a proud and committed business owner, Noah Walker started Noah's Art Studios and is driven to push students to create their very best work and exceed their expectations. 

Founder/ Owner

Noah Walker

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