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Noah’s Art Studios, LLC, complies with Virginia State Law, for with the most recently updated health guidance. As of 2/17/2022, in accordance with the updated Virginia law, mask-wearing is optional for students and campers. We highly respect each family to make their own decisions for their child/teen. Students may continue to wear masks if they choose to, but masks will not be required.

Noah’s Art Studios Teachers and program staff always have, and will continue to respect the decisions of each individual family. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, safe, and nurturing environment for every parent, student, and employee.

Restrooms are sanitized, and surfaces are cleaned frequently. Children wash hands with soap & water frequently. Classes/camps are 2-3 hours maximum duration.

For the 2021-2022 Summer, outside drop-off and pick up will be implement. Parents will one at a time sign- in and out child for pick- ups and drop-offs.  Only enrolled students/campers may enter the studio unless for pre-arranged tours or otherwise specified. Snack is provided in classes and camps, but each child must please bring their own Lunch unless it is on the day of the field trip where lunch will be included at field trip site.

Staff members are supervising at all times.


No sickness allowed – if your child has a fever or symptoms of any illness, please keep him/her at home and let us know how we may help. If your child becomes ill during any class or camp, your child will be assisted and comforted, and you will be required to pick up your child. We have CPR and First Aid trained staff in the facility.

Thank you!

Emails are sent from:


Please let us know if you child has any food allergies or restrictions, so that we may make the necessary accommodations.

Noah’s Art Studios, LLC. is a peanut/nut free studio and snacks are provided by program staff.

Campers must bring their own lunch, unless it is the day of field trip, and field trip site will cater lunch.

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No refunds are available for Summer and School - Year classes not taken.

No Refunds if Noah’s Art Studios, LLC. cancels a session due to unforeseen circumstances, weather disasters, sicknesses\illness, or any other occurrences. Case by case basis will allow for credits for future class or party 


In order to not disturb the class, and to strictly observe our “STUDENTS ONLY” policy, ONLY registered students may remain in the studio. Thank you for your understanding.


Our classes are sized to ensure the maximum standard for students. If a class becomes filled, we will place your child/children on a waiting list and notify you when space becomes available.


We take the safety of your children very seriously.  An enrollment form and information packet must be completed and signed for each child registered prior to leaving your child in the studio. NO exceptions. Parents/guardians are required to accompany students when arriving and departing and are required to sign in and out with the instructor/staff of the studio at every class. Older siblings may not drop off or pick up children unless they are 18 years or older, and the studio has been notified in writing of the name of an authorized individual. Any and all changes to the information contained on the enrollment form must be submitted in writing for said changes to take effect. We are able to accommodate your child 15 minutes prior to class time as we  prepare materials for his/her class. Please pick up your child promptly at the end of class. Let us know if flexibility is needed for pick- up in advance.


We like to get messy with our creativity! Art overflows onto clothing!  Please bring an old shirt in a gallon sized zip loc bag or similar for your child. Please have your child dressed appropriately for class.


We send out important notices regarding upcoming events, class happenings, and registration information throughout each session. Please check your email and our Facebook regularly for updates. Information and updates will be on Facebook, and specified information to personal emails. please give us your most current email address.

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 If severe weather is imminent, a message will be sent on our Facebook page, announcing any closings by 2:30pm on the day of the inclement weather. It is your responsibility to check the Social Media page for information. There are no make-ups for inclement weather unless in certain circumstances. In these cases, you will be notified. Please check spam filters on your email provider to ensure that you are receiving our communications:



Because the success of the studio is based on the interaction among the students and with the teacher, cell phones may NOT be used in class, unless in a verifiable emergency, and NO other electronic devices are permitted during class, unless we are on a field trip, during breaks, and pick-up time.

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